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The Boeing 747 is a popular plane that is the second largest one in the game, losing only to the Airbus A380. It formely required group acess and had a different model. Its model was updated along with the release of Air Force One.


The Boeing 747 has a double decker on the front, and it has four engines. More info about the looks later!

Cargo variant

The Boeing 747 has also a Cargo variant that can be found in the "Cargo" section of the plane spawn

A blank Cargo 747

er. It has only one livery, being the Korean Air Cargo. But in future updates the Cargo 747 might get more liveries, such as Atlas Air, KLM Cargo, etc.

Air Force One

Air Force One is a variant of the Boeing 747, and it is the only paid livery so far. It costs R$195. There is a difference between the normal 747 and the AF1 747.

AF1 seen in a poster of the game

The difference is that there is a little difference in the nose.


The Boeing 747 Dreamlifter is an airplane that can be found in the "Cargo" section of the plane spawner, along wih the Cargo 747. The difference is that the body of the Dreamlifter is more fat, probably to carry more cargo. It also does not have a blank livery.

Dreamlifter in a screenshot from the test server