Derek's Plane is a handbuilt aircraft, it is small and made for fun. It can easily flip, you must be careful. The canopy gives a clear view, it improves your view. You can fill your fuel from the gas station! It is the smallest plane in the game, even smaller than the Piper Cub.


Claret red, egg-shaped body, big glass canopy, black rudder, elevators. Two gears at back and one at front. It has wooden propeller but it is strong.

How to find it

The Derek's Plane cannot be found in the aircraft list of the aircraft spawner. It can only be found at Derek's farm. In the center of the farm, there is a house on which when you enter it, there will be a aircraft spawner. Tap the Spawner and you will be able to spawn Derek's plane only.

Note: If you did not found the spawner then you went to the wrong farm.

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