When users open Pilot Training Flight Simulator, They are greeted with a spawn screen with the following options

  • Play
  • Tutorial
  • Shop
  • Credits

Clicking Play opens up an airfield selection screen. There are 11 airfields to choose from. Selecting one of those airfields will spawn players at the airfield near Spawn Terminals. When players spawn a plane, They can enter the plane and equip the plane tool. When equipped, the plane GUI will appear. Pressing "E" will start the engine, at which point players can adjust the throttle with the "Up" and "Down" arrow keys. Players control the plane using the mouse to adjust roll, pitch and yaw (only on the ground). Pressing "B" will enable the Push-back mode where the plane will move backwards. Once the plane has taken off, the landing gears can be retracted via the "G" key.


There are a total of 11 Airfields in the game.

  • Greater Rockford.
A large international airport with two parallel runways.
  • Airbase Garry.
A military base with three hangars.
  • Training centre.
A small airstrip used for trainings.
  • Mellor.
A medium sized airport with one runway.
  • Boltic Airfield.
A very small airfield made of dirt.
  • Larnaca Airport.
A large international airport with one runway and many gates.
  • HMS Queen Elizabeth.
An aircraft carrier with a ramp at the end.
  • Grindavik.
A medium sized airport with three hangars and one runway. It is also the only airport on the Gindavik Island.
  • Paphos
A medium sized airport with one runway and three hangars.
  • Skopelos Airfield
A small airfield made of grass. It is Also the only airfield on the Skopelos Island.
  • Sauthemptona Airport
A small-medium international airport on the snowy island of Sauthemptona. Also the only airport on the island.

Latest activity


300s Thumb

Extra 300s preforming stunts.

LearJet Thumb

Bombardier Learjet in hanger.

Easyjet Thumb

EasyJet Airbus A320 mid-flight.

Piper Cub Thumb

Piper Cup over land.

Larnaca Thumb

Planes at gates and taxing at Larnaca Airport

F-18 Thumb

F-18 Super Hornet at mid-night

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