• Hi Fer880oo! I'm an admin on another Pilot Training Flight Sim Wiki! I stumbled on this wiki while searching PTFSwikis on google, and I really appreciate your work. I was really wondering if you are interested in working with me(and other editors on my wiki) on a single wiki. While you have pages about Places, we have more detailed descriptions on aircrafts. We could make an awesome wiki together! Here's the link for our wiki:

    Let me know if you are interested! :)

    - Dofang

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    • Hi Dofang! Thank you for your comment. Yes, I'm interested to work with you on your wiki.


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    • That is awesome! You can copy & paste your pages onto our wiki. If you need anything, message me and I will answer in less than a week. Have a nice day! 

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    • Ok, thanks to you for the work. I will put the articles on your wiki soon as posible.

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    • Dofang, I have a question; I see articles with false information. So, can I edit those articles and put the true information on them? 

      And yes I see airports without texts, so I will write pages for them.

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    • Fer880oo
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